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Your Place in Calgary for Diesel Upgrades

Need a new way to boost your truck’s performance? Get more out of your engine with an engine upgrade package from Calgary’s Unlimited Performance & Exhaust. Our upgrades can help boost the mileage of your diesel engine by up to 25%! For drivers, we have three performance-enhancing packages available to get you more out of your vehicle!

For more information on our various packages or to schedule your upgrade, give us a call today.

Package 1

  • Up to 190HP 
  • Up to 310 ft/lbs Torque 
  • Up to 15% Mileage Improvement
  • Includes: A, B, and C (see below)

Package 2

  • Up to 250HP 
  • Up to 400 ft/lbs Torque 
  • Up to 20% Mileage Improvement
  • Includes: A, F, and C (see below)

Package 3

  • Up to 275HP 
  • Up to 460 ft/lbs Torque
  • Up to 25% Mileage Improvement
  • Includes: A, C, and F (see below)

Diesel Engines A: Exhaust System

  • High-flow 4” x 5” aluminum/stainless exhaust systems from the turbo to the tailpipe
  • Brands available include: Magnaflow®, Flo-Pro & AFE Power® and many others are available

Diesel Engines B: Air Filters

  • High volume airflow for maximum performance
  • Million-mile warranty
  • Re-usable (just wash, oil, and re-install)
  • Brands available include: K&N® & AFE Power, and many more

Diesel Engines C: Performance Chips

  • Easy plug-in performance
  • Big gains in HP, torque, and mileage
  • Brands available include: Superchips®, DiabloSport®, Hypertech, Bully Dog & Edge Power

Diesel Engines D: Air Inlet Manifold

  • Faster turbo spooling
  • Cooler exhaust gas temperatures
  • More low-end torque
  • Brands available include: AFE Power® & Edge Products

Diesel Engines F: Air Intakes

  • Replaces air box and intake track
  • Straightens airflow into your engine
  • Brands available include: K&N® & AFE Power®
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