Calgary, Reform Your Gas Guzzler!

Package 1

Up to 45HP  |  Up to 60 ft/lbs Torque  |  Up to 15% Mileage Improvement

Includes:A, B & C (see below)

Package 2

Up to 60HP  |  Up to 75 ft/lbs Torque  |  Up to 20% Mileage Improvement

Includes:A, C, E & F (see below)

Package 3

Up to 70HP  |  Up to 95 ft/lbs Torque  |  Up to 25% Mileage Improvement

Includes:A, C, D, E & F (see below)

Gas Engines A: Exhaust System

Gas Engines B: Air Filters
  • High Volume Airflow for Maximum Performance
  • Million Mile Warranty
  • Re-usable (Just Wash, Oil & Re-install)
  • Brands Available Include: K&N® & AFE Power®

Gas Engines C: Performance Chips

Gas Engines D: Exhaust Headers
  • Bolts to Factory Y-Pipe
  • Stainless or Chrome
  • Brands Available Include: Gibson & JBA®

Gas Engines E: Throttle Body Spacers
  • Raises the Throttle Body 1”
  • Spiral Design for Max HP
  • Brands Available Include: Helix Power Tower Throttle Body Spacers by Vertex Magnetos®

Gas Engines F: Air Intakes
  • Replaces Air Box & Intake Track
  • Straightens Airflow into Your Engine
  • Brands Available Include: K&N® & AFE Power®

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