Convenient Performance Upgrade Options for Calgary Drivers

Pull ahead of the pack with a performance package from Unlimited Performance & Exhaust in Calgary! At Unlimited Performance & Exhaust, we can help you achieve better gas mileage by increasing the efficiency of your vehicle. This means easier acceleration on the highway, shorter passing distances, as well as more torque and horsepower for heavy towing.

No matter the need, we have a performance package for you. Come visit Unlimited Performance & Exhaust—Calgary’s Performance Auto Supercentre—today! We have packages available for both diesel and gas engines.

Exhaust Performance Packages

High flow exhaust systems and headers can help alleviate problems of restriction, turbulence, and flow path changes. If you’re looking to enhance your vehicle’s performance, an exhaust performance package is a great place to start!

Air Intake Performance Packages

To get full use out of your engine’s available horsepower, it requires more oxygen for combustion. We offer performance packages that include air filters, throttle body spacers, air intake kits, and turbochargers.

Engine Tuning Performance Packages

Most stock vehicle engines do not optimize the air-to-fuel ratio across the RPM range. This limits your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. We offer tuning upgrades, including computer chips and power programs.

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