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For over 30 years, Unlimited Performance & Exhaust has been a family-owned company in Calgary, Alberta. We’re proud to be local, we’re proud to be Canadian, and we’re especially proud of the value we bring to the community. Unlimited Performance & Exhaust was founded with a shared interest and love for all things auto.

We’re truly a company that was created for people who love their vehicles and want to get the most out of them, for the longest time possible. We value your support and look forward to helping you love your car, truck, or RV even more!


Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write in about the service they received from Unlimited Performance & Exhaust. Would you like to share your experience? Please contact us and let us know how we’re doing!

The Best in Service & Customer Care

“Tyler and I would like to thank Unlimited Performance for the great service regarding the new exhaust system. The Unlimited Performance staff was very quick to note and tell us that our vehicle brakes required serious repair. Thank you for being concerned for our safety while driving. Unlimited Performance did a fabulous repair on the brakes and also the transmission seal. The YJ Jeep really runs smooth now and the brakes work nicely. Great job, Unlimited Performance! You really are the best when it comes to service and customer care.” – Lisa V.

Big Fuel Savings

“I have been keeping accurate mileage on my truck since I purchased it new in August of 2003. I have recorded nearly every gallon of diesel and every mile driven in my log book. I now have just over 42,000 miles on the truck and have averaged 16.87 MPG since I purchased the truck. I have had a chance to run 3 tanks of fuel through the truck since your air filter went on. I have averaged 17.54 MPG with the new air intake. With the amount of fuel that I purchase, I now save approximately $26/month or $312/year. Thanks for the opportunity to try the AFE air intake kit.” – Scott G.

Worth Every Penny

“It's not that often in this day and age with the lack of resources to run a business that a person can find such dedication and focus on customer service, not to mention the pride and the attention to detail that your staff and mechanics show.

So often I have had the car in for work and in most cases when I get it back there’s always something not right. I’m very pleased with the results of the engine in my 1969 Caprice. Yes it was pricey, but worth every penny. I will continue doing business with you and your staff and will refer you every chance I get. Again, great work and customer care!” – John C.

Big Improvement

“Hey Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that the improvement has been immediate on my truck; I've gone from around 730k per tank to approx. 860-875k per tank! Response has improved immensely as well. Should have done these mods earlier!” – Thanks, Robert C.

Excellent Work

“I just got my SRT-8 Jeep back today. I had headers and high flow cats installed on one of the hardest vehicles to put headers on and they did a great job. The price was great for all the work they did. Thanks to the crew for the excellent work!” – Terry S.

Always Helpful & Honest

“The guys at Unlimited are always helpful; they will always make suggestions on an as-needed basis, not on what to sell me. They are all extremely honest about pricing, what I need to purchase, and what can wait depending on my budget. The team has helped me turn my stock Jeep into a beast! Thanks guys for being so accommodating!” – Crystal M.

18-1259 Highfield Crescent SE
Calgary, AB T2G 5M2
phone: 403‑243‑4949 toll free: 1‑888‑367‑2937

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size exhaust is best for my diesel truck?

A: For most of the vehicles out there, a mandrel bent 4-inch system is more than sufficient. Anything larger than that can result in a droning noise inside the cab as well as a loss of torque at lower RPMs.

Q: Is dual exhaust better than single?

A: In some applications, yes. In scenarios where torque is the main goal, a single tailpipe is preferred. In higher horsepower and higher RPM applications, a high flow dual exhaust is best.

Q: Will a power programmer void my warranty?

A: All programmers have a “return to stock” option, but it is best to speak to your service department before purchasing a tuner for a vehicle with factory warranty.

Q: Do you service just trucks?

A: Not at all. We service all makes and models, import and domestic, cars and trucks. We even service motorhomes (power-train/chassis only).

Q: Do you sell accessories or just performance parts?

A: We sell a full line of accessories for cars and trucks.

Q: If you don't have something in stock, how long do I have to wait to get it?

A: Generally, most things are available overnight or within 2 days. In some cases where parts need to be special ordered directly from the vendor, it is generally 2 to 3 weeks away (assuming the manufacturer has stock). Additional freight can always be added to get the parts faster.

Q: Are your technicians qualified?

A: All of our technicians are certified with the province of Alberta and receive ongoing training to keep up-to-date with the new vehicles.

Q: My truck is pretty heavy. Do you guys have the equipment to work on it?

A: We have two 4-post hoists that are capable of lifting 20,000 lbs or more. This way we can work on them safely and efficiently.

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